The Silly Criticism of Ebonyi State in Focus – A Write Up By EBSU Student


A write up credit to Mkpuchi Zephaniah Destiny

I will not hide the fact that I do get baffled when I hear or see people criticize Ebonyians in one way or the other.
What does this really mean?
What is the justifiable evidence that gives people the zeal to criticize innocent people?.

The most pathetic part is when a fellow Igbo man joins the league of critics to say lots of foolish things about Abakaliki people.

What are the problems with Nigerians?

What level was expected of Ebonyi that they are not up to?
How would someone who asserts that his/her cerebrum is still fixed will come up and compare states created in the 1960s,’70’s, ’80s, etc.., with a state just created in 1996?
Is development through magic?
Is it Education?
Is it infrastructure?
What else?
Hasn’t Ebonyi did the best they can according to their innate prowess?

Didn’t we have professors?
Don’t we have perfect medics?
Don’t we have expert counsels? ……Et al.
What don’t we have?

We’re contented with our life, why would an alien come to intrude into our affairs?
Why won’t they focus on their state?.

The same sets of people that criticize Ebonyi will have their wards flood Ebonyi seeking admission in our higher institutions. Don’t they have it in their state?
I thought their state is the world power?.

When will these people get civilized?
I would like to advise you to focus on your state affairs than being an intruder (A SILLY CRITIC)


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