Simple Way To Acquire Permanent Residency In US


Many people have been strategizing on how to acquire US permanent residency. Again, some are looking for any way possible to immigrate to the US. To this effect, this write-up will do justice to those your questions. In view of this, the US Department of State is responsible for issuing visas through its embassies. Moreso, about 38 countries have been granted visa waivers to migrate to the US for vacations and for business conferences. These countries can immigrate to the US freely for the above-stated reasons.

However, your purpose of traveling will determine the kind of visa you are to enter with. Again, we have different types of visas depending on your traveling motives.

Types Of Visas Available For Immigrants

]We have different kinds of visas ranging from

  • Business visa
  • Student visa
  • Visitors visa for tourists
  • Immigrant visa for permanent residency
  • Transit visa for people who want to pass through the US to other countries
  • Spouse  visa for someone who wants to marry the US citizen

US Permanent Residency

Ways Of Immigrating To US/Inspection Standards From Other Countries

Upon arrival to the US. You have to present all your valid documents as entry requirements. Also, some of them include

Every traveler immigrating to the US from other countries must present a passport as one of the core requirements.

Again, you have to get your visa. This is mandatory for both permanent residence and foreign personnel.

Moreso, Border, and custom protection officers will have to carry out an adequate inspection of all foreign immigrants upon arrival. Similarly, they will assess your entry requirements to know if they are genuine. In addition, they have the power to allow your entry or deny it as well.

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Procedure On How To Apply For Immigrant Visa For Permanent Residency

Applying for an immigrant visa is dependent on two conditions:

First and foremost, if you are already in the US. You don’t need an immigrant visa. instead, you go for permanent residency(green card) by completing an adjustment of status.

But if you are not in the US, kindly apply for an immigrant visa through the US embassy. Again, you really have to apply for an immigrant visa and wait for sometimes for approval.

However, there are some major requirements you need to complete:

  • Firstly, someone needs to file an immigration petition for you in most cases. Most importantly, the person must file the petition before your visa will be approved. Again, this petition is one one the legal requirements.
  • Secondly, when once the petition is approved together with a visa for you. The person can comfortably pursue his Green card.
  • Thirdly, go for medical examination and obtain an updated medical examination certificate.
  • Fourthly, they will call you for an interview. Make sure you partake in the interview and respond judiciously to all the questions they will ask you.
  • Lastly, you have to wait patiently to receive a resolution based on your application. Again, this period is the decision-making moment bases on the facts you have provided.

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Concluding Part Of US Permanent Residency

In view of this, proceed to pay a mandatory USCIS immigrant fee upon receival of your immigrant visa. Also, immediately you pay for the immigrant fee, you ‘ll get your Green card simultaneously. Again, the best time to make this payment is after you must have been given your immigrant visa.

With respect to this, after receiving your immigrant visa. You will be issued a sealed document that will be presented to the official at the US port of entry. Furthermore, the US port officials will carry out an extensive inspection of all your documents/applications. If by God’s grace you are able to come out victoriously from the inspection. Automatically, you will be ushered in as a legal US permanent resident.




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