How to Pass JAMB – Sure Ways on How To Score High in JAMB 2020


How to Pass JAMB

The Joint Admission and matriculation body in charge of the intake of new students into the respective institutions of their choice are in few weeks now going to kick off with the regular JAMB examination.

And by now a lot of candidates who have registered for the JAMB examination 2020 must have been struggling for the different ways on how they can secure high marks in the exam. Ebsustudents got your back on this again as we have a write up that can enable candidates who are involved to score high in the oncoming examination. So here is the complete details on how to pass JAMB 2020 that you need to read. You don’t need to ask or think whether it is compulsory or not, you need this to strategically shape you to perform better when you enter your various assigned centers for the JAMB examination.

The joint admission and matriculation board examination is usually one of the most talked-about exam and questions are often asked on how to excel in it.

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Below are 6 steps on how to Pass your JAMB.

1. Browse out the jamb syllabus:

this will help candidates to know where to concentrate more or what is expected of he or she to know before the examination and improve on.

2. Set a timetable:

One of the secrets to passing jamb is to have a timetable that you must follow strictly at least 70% and must be committed to so as to have an organized way of reading.

One can start with subjects he or she is more familiar with to increase the reading appetite before reading the other ones (depends on the candidate).you have to plan yourself very well having mastered your body to know how it works.

3. Efficient use of time:

most people fail to understand that time waits for no one. You must use your time effectively in order to get the maximum satisfaction of what you want. to do this you have to avoid anything that’ll distract you. You will have plenty of time to sleep and eat after the examination while waiting for the result and your admission. Say no to procrastination by reducing the number of things to do at once.

When the work is too much, you feel a heavy burden and you end up procrastinating. One step at a time and you’ll see yourself doing more than you imagined.

4.The use of past questions:

Many people don’t really know the importance of past questions.

Some feel that it’s to know what will come out in the examination as they tend to repeat some questions (which is true) but one of the secrets of past questions is that it tells you how to prepare yourself for the examination in the sense that you see how the questions are usually set and the areas that questions are asked frequently.

Then you work on your weak points on those areas.

You can also use past questions to train yourself while reading for the exam.

Train yourself to read and study efficiently. Make it a habit to read every day. It’s a sacrifice that you will reap the good fruit.

6. Prayer:

I strongly believe that you can’t do anything without God the creator of the universe. You should have a close relationship with God and believe in his promises to you. Faith means counting on the word of God at all times without relying on our human senses.

Commit all that you do to him and he will surely see you through. Lastly, you must have in mind that jamb is just an exam.

Don’t worry much about it. Just do what you’re supposed to do and pass. There are many more exams you’ll still come across after jamb. I wish you Goodluck.

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