How to Make Money with Part Time Jobs in Nigeria for Students – 2019


Hello guys, I will be discussing the different types of Part Time Jobs in Nigeria for Students while in college. Most of these jobs are very simple and easy to do and in no time with a considerable good amount of energy, you will be making a good income from this.

Even at that, you can take an instance for one of the popular Nigerian hit singer David Adeleke who was born with a silver spoon yet he still struggled to acquire his own fortune today.

Guess what there is a great difference eating what you hustle for so in essence what I’m trying to say is that there are a lot of lucrative jobs you can do as a student while in school.

And guess what you won’t have to worry about your parents often for pocket money.

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Best Part Time Jobs in Nigeria for University Students


1. Photography

You can choose to be a photographer and earn some bucks while in school. They normally say what a man can do a woman can do too. Now lemme ask you what is the possibility that as a female photographer you won’t make more income than a guy? You know why a lot of people will be like wow I like her passions, guys will rush you and while they are doing the rushing thing you are making your money.

You can register for a couple of photography session within a couple of months you are perfect. And from there you can attain perfection and that’s it. Follow a couple of photographers if you are in Ebonyi to enroll in any of their classes.

I have recommended some good photographers you can work with. Here are their Facebook handler names


  • Lattro
  • Flexto( owner of Viber touch studio)

2. Blogging

Some people still don’t get the metrics surrounding how to make money writing articles for the public. You come across countless websites with this kind of pictures on them, this is called Google Adsense and this pays the owner of the blog site whom you are currently reading his contents.


Those gossips you read online, you laugh you scroll down, you click to the next page someone on the other side of it is making dollars from it likewise as you are doing now lol.

If you wish to learn more about blogging then follow the teachings of top blogging courses like

  • Wp beginners,
  • Neil Patel
  • Shoutmeloud
  • Prosper Noah this dude is a Nigerian blogger and what he does is amazingly great. You can find him on facebook with that name in bold letters.

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3. Mini Importation

This is also one of the fast rising and high paying jobs you can do as a student while still in college. This does not mean you can’t do any of these jobs after college but it is easier to start now you have fewer duties on your shoulder.

So with a mini importation business, you can be making a small income while still in school. You can be seeing some of your folks WhatsApp timeline having different types of products on them. The world is now technological and no more time to waste around.

So I urge you to find a mini importation business you can do both on Facebook and on WhatsApp. At a start it might seem it’s not moving to take a breath there is always a starting point don’t give up quickly.

There are a few things you need to know to excel in this business.

  • Punctual
  • Sell quality products
  • Deliver on time
  • Always pick calls
  • Then speak good English.

4. Paid to Click Website

I know some of you don’t know that there is a number of websites out there that can pay you to click through content on their website.

Just like NNU and others work you can make money online just by reading articles on someone’s website.

How does this work?

Let me explain as you are on my page with the sole aim of reading to get paid so as I’m making money from Adsense and so is Google increasing the number of high paying ads on my site. This is because of my site engagement this is what we call bounce rate.

So here are few websites you can click on to get paid.

5. Selling on Fiverr

First of all, what is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a place where you can easily sell your services to users who need them in exchange for cash. Payments are made using PayPal account you can visit here to create yours or visit your bank FAQ to learn more about receiving money with PayPal account direct to your Nigerian bank account.

If you are an artist, website designer, logo maker anything you know how to do best then I suggest you run off to Fiverr website to set up and start making money.

In Conclusion

So, folks, all these are the different kinds of simple Part Time Jobs in Nigeria for Students Making money is never a simple task so the earlier the better and don’t expect to always pull it through with the first attempt failure is inevitable in business.

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