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Have you ever dreamt to study in the United States? If then you have done or about to do just know that there are a couple of guidelines you need to follow to apply for a student visa online.

Even if it’s not for a student visa, work visa it for masters program then this is your article because you will learn and answer yourself some trouble questions obtaining a valid student visa to the Us.

The United States is the best and overdeveloped country having a lot of academic citadels to uphold quality education.

Young ones, adults from other countries often like studying in the United States. Take for instance an academics here in Nigeria that can take you four years to complete can take you a couple of years to get done within the United States.

Considering the amenities for proper education, the United States got it covered in the area of tech, raw practicals for any kind of field of study you want to go in for. The USA is really a nice option to choose if you want to further your education or masters degree program.

So what are we looking at now to get a student visa to study in the US? Below are the various guidelines in all you need to know on how to get your student visa approved.

How To Get USA Student Visa in Nigeria To Study Abroad

Complete Guidelines on How to Apply for Student US VISA In Nigeria
Complete Guidelines on How to Apply for Student US VISA In Nigeria


Gaining admission to study in the United States is not quite hard as people make it look like.

The US embassies welcome foreign citizens who come to us for education. Before applying for a student visa, it is necessary to first apply for the desired school you wish to study. Once you are approved then your school will provide you the necessary documents you need to carry along to apply for your student visa.

It is also necessary to note that there are two categories of USA student application for immigrants. Let’s discuss them in details below

The F – 1 Visa

This is is the most common type of student visa to come around to easily gain entrance to study in any of us university, private institution or secondary level.

The M – 1 Visa

This type of student visa gives an individual the voltage to also engage in non-academics or vocational training institutions in the US.

US Student Visa Requirements

When talking about the requirements for US student Visa, it is also important to note that the requirements for both the F and M student visa type are all the same.

Then before applying for the F or M Visa, a Nigerian citizen ought to must have been accepted by his institution in the United States and you will be then enrolled on the SEVIS. The institution will then provide you with the form to present at the visa interview place.

Documents Required;

Providing an answer on how to get a USA student visa in Nigeria to study abroad, then you have to make provisions of the following documents

  1. International passport
  2. DS 160 confirmation page
  3. Your photo
  4. Visa application payment fee receipt
  5. Certificate of eligibility for nonimmigrants F – 1 for academic students
  6. Certificate of eligibility for non-immigrants M – 1 for vocational students
  7. Academic documents ( transcripts, diplomas, degrees, or any other certificate from child attended)
  8. Proof of intention to depart to the US for studies
  9. Banks statements or pay slips to show how you can pay for the fees, travel and living cost.
  10. And also if you plan to stay with your family, relatives or friends in the US while you study, you need to specify it in the SEVIS and receive a separate form I-20.

Attend the Interview

So when the above documents are all in place, it’s now time to attend the interview. A consular officer will ask you questions based on what you provided and know if you are deemed to get the visa. Or probably chose an appropriate visa type for your program over there.

That’s it on how to get a student visa to study in us from Nigeria. Feel free to ask any questions if you feel like. Don’t forget to share with some of your friends who might need it

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