FUNAI Post UTME 2019 – FUNAI Direction & Accommodation for Candidates


Good morning and welcome to a new month, a month that the long-awaited post UTME examination/screening test will take off. So inside this article today we shall be given be discussing on the FUNAI direction and accommodation strategy for all intended candidates writing FUNAI post UTME exam 2019 scheduled to take off from the 16th of July ~ 19th of July this month.

Funai post utme is fast approaching and aspirants usually have these common issues on how to locate Funai university and where to sleep a day before their exam.

With the other previous FUNAIpost UTME exams written in the past years, we have seen how difficult it was for a lot of people and some people losing their belongings due to lack of directions and accommodations

The Funai university is located at Ndufu Alike Ikwo in Ebony state and accommodation have been provided for aspirants who are coming for post UTME and these are the directions to Funai.

FUNAI Directions  & Accommodations Post UTME 2019 Candidates

 FUNAI Direction & Accomodation for the Students

  • Abuja Candidates

Those coming from Abuja enter peace transit, Romchi or Royal mass transit going to Abakaliki (3500 or 4000 T-fare ) once you reach Abakaliki, take a tricycle (Keke) going to ochudo parks (#50) where you will see a bus going to like, Funai to be precise(T-fare 200 or 150).

  • Abia Candidates

Those coming from Abia enter peace mass transit, Romchi, main park by St Michael, Ebo transit or Abia line going to Abakaliki (1500 0r 1700 T-fare ) once you reach Abakaliki enter Keke #50 to ochudo parks where you will see a bus going to Funai. T-fare from there to Funai is 200 or 150.

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  • Onitsha Candidates

Those coming from Onitsha go to upper iweka enter peace transit, onitsha south, Romchi going to Abakaliki (1500 fare ) once you reach Abakaliki enter Keke #50 to ochudo parks where you will see a bus going to Funai (200 or 150 T-fare )

  • Enugu Candidates

Those coming from Enugu enter peace mass transit, Romchi or Onitsha south going to Abakaliki (500 T-fare ) & those coming from Nsukka (1000 T-fare )once you reach Abakaliki enter Keke going to ochudo parks where you will see a bus going to Funai (200 or 150 T~fare )

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  • Lagos Candidates

Those coming from Lagos you can enter peace mass transit or holy family at maza maza (5000 or 6000 T-fare ) to Abakaliki once you reach Abakaliki enter Keke or Okada going to ochudo parks where u will see a bus going to Funai (200 or 150 T-fare )

Note: you can trek to ochudo parks from any of these parks and the bus going to Funai should stop you at Funai front gate.

Accommodation Guidelines

So that is it with the direction to locate FUBAI university from any part of the country. For those of you who their location is not listed above, you can drop a comment and get a direction from other colleagues. Who knows you can get to meet someone coming from the same location as you.

Then for accomodation, you are welcome to join any of the WhatsApp group chats I talked about for all university aspirants.

You can also place a call to our number but Whatsapp chat will do as well. Few tips to note for FUNAI aspirants 2019. Make sure whomever you are going to stay with you know how far you have figured out much about him to avoid un repeated stories that touch the heart.

Best of my knowledge, you can also hang around in EBSU if you have anyone there better off and go to school as early as possible on your exam date.


Since the exam is going to last for a couple of days. The same way JAMB procedures go is the same way this goes, you are reminded to reprint your printout for a more accurate date of your exam.

Then for instace if you have an exam on the 18th of July, then you can hit Ebonyi state on 17th, even if you don’t have anybody to stay with you can actually locate any church within your denomination to pass the night. Then the following day you can head back to wherever you are coming from.

Don’t forget to upload your O’level results to the JAMB portal to avoid loss of admission. There is no harm in uploading twice instead of not uploading at all

The aspirant who is not living in the Ebonyi state is advised to come a day before their exam to avoid missing d time for ur exam.

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