Approved EBSU School Fees/Cut Off Marks & Admission Status Flow

This is an update coming from one of the best EBSU students blog, and it will answer all your questions regarding EBSU approved school fees, cut off marks and admission process exercise. The word EBSU is an acronym for Ebonyi State University, it is one of the prominent state universities in Ebonyi State.

Ebonyi State University is the first and foremost academic institution to exist in Ebonyi State. It is situated in the center of Abakaliki as the state capital and it has its original architecture at permanent site ishieke campus.

According to Wikipedia, Ebonyi State University was founded in the year 1999 in Abakaliki. And it has its chancellor Elder prof chigozie ogbu as the first vice chancellor for the university.

We all know that on yearly basis a lot of students seek to gain admission to study their dream courses at Ebonyi State University, and most of them worry about this common question School Fees, post UTME, admission list/status, cut off marks, news and so on.

 Ebonyi state university

So to help you guys out, we are going to tell you the truth about the approved EBSU School Fees for the various departments located in the institution.

List of Approved EBSU School Fees for All Departments

While searching around google today I was able to deduce from Google related searches that a lot of people search frequently for EBSU School Fees and the list of their courses. So I was then prompted to make some researches, spoke with a lot of students and staff in the bursary unit and was able to come up with this article.

So I give it to you here is the list of all the courses offered at Ebonyi State University and its corresponding school fees for 2019/2020 and should in case anything surface we are going to email our subscribers an update regarding a new article to that.

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So candidates who made Ebonyi State University their first and second choice can take down the full list of EBSU School Fees for 2019/2020 session and as well note down the different courses offered in Ebonyi state university. And in case you are not up to the cutoff mark for each department, then you can go for a JAMB change of course and institution on time. The earlier the better.

EBSU School Fees for Indigenes & Non-Indigenes

What I have here is the accurate school fees for both Indigenes and non Indigenes aspiring to gain admission into Ebonyi State University.

Faculty of Basic Medicine/ School Fees for Medicine

Under this category, we have to break it down a bit because it is not the same as other departments Fees. So what departments make up FBM?

Here we go;

  • Medicine & surgery
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Medical Laboratories

So the fees for these departments are slightly higher than in other departments because of their power. The same thing goes with the departmental cut off marks for these departments.

For Indigenes

Non Indigenes

N124,400 N184,400

Other departments in EBSU are as follow;

For Indigenes

For non Indigenes

N84,400 N124,000

Bear in mind that these school fees don’t include your acceptance fee which is normally around N30,000 or above.

In the meantime, you can read more updates on EBSU admission processes like how to generate a Remita for school fees.

So now you have known every information about EBSU school fees, lets now move down to also see the list of different courses offered in Ebonyi state university.

EBSU List of Courses Offered in the University

  • Accounting & Accountancy
  • Agric Econ & Extension
  • Agric science & Edu
  • Agriculture
  • Anatomy
  • Animal Science
  • Applied Microbiology & Brewing
  • Banking & Finance
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Business Education
  • Business Management
  • Civil Law
  • Chemistry
  • Computer science
  • Crop Production & Landscape Management
  • Economics
  • Biology Edu
  • Computer Science Edu
  • Economics Edu
  • English Language Edu
  • Integrate Science Edu
  • Social Science Edu
  • Mathematics Edu
  • Education Arts
  • Physics Edu
  • Religious Studies Edu
  • Social Studies Edu
  • Foundation Edu
  • Administration Edu
  • Education Management
  • English Language and Literature
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Food Science Technology FST
  • French
  • Geology
  • Geophysics
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Health Edu
  • History and International Relation
  • Human Kinetics (Jumpology)
  • Home Econs and Education
  • Igbo language
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Industrial Mathematics/ Computers
  • Linguistics
  • Marketing
  • Industrial Physics
  • Mass Com
  • Mathematics
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Medicine & Surgery
  • Nursing Science
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Pub Administration
  • Political Science
  • Science Edu
  • Sociology and Anthropology
  • Soil science and Environmental Management
  • Vocational and Technical Education
  • Zoology

NOTE: That these courses require a minimum of 170 scored in post UTME examination. If you do like to equip yourself more if you score more than that, proceed to upload your WAEC/NECO O’level results on the JAMB portal to enable you to gain admission from JAMB.

After that JAMB will notify your school of the admission and your school will have no other option than to comply with the admission.

The earlier the better I still remember last year a lot of students had similar issues of no admission yet on JAMB CAPS. Why because they failed to upload their O’level results on time and in most cases, some were not later given the course they want.

So to avert this mistake in your own case, make sure you upload your O’level on time and make sure you check properly to be sure it was uploaded successfully. We also have an article on how candidates can upload their O’level to JAMB website easily

That said already lets now go into the main topic of the day which is the list of courses offered at Ebonyi State University.

EBSU Approved Cut Off Marks for All Departments

The Ebonyi State University departmental cut-off marks for all courses offered are*;

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences (FBMS)

Medicine and Surgery <—> 250 and above
Anatomy <—> 190
Physiology <—> 190

Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology
Nursing Science <—> 230
Medical Laboratory Science <—> 210

Faculty of Law (FLAW)
Civil Law <—> 220

Faculty of Sciences
Computer Science <—> 180
Biotechnology –180
Microbiology- 180
Biochemistry <—> 180
Industrial Chemistry <—> 170
Industrial Physics <—> 170
Industrial Mathematics <—> 170
Geology – 180

Faculty of Education (FEDU)

Educational Foundation


Administration and Planning <—> 170
Guidance and Counselling <—> 170

Arts and Social Sciences


Economics Education <—> 170
Social Studies Education <—> 170
English Education <—> 170 and above
Religion Education <—> 170
Igbo Education <—> 170
Business Education


Accountancy Education <—> 170
Secretarial Education <—> 170
Science Education


Computer Science Education <—> 170
Physics Education <—> 170
Chemistry Education <—> 170
Biology Education <—> 170
mathematics Education <—> 170
Integrated Science Education <—> 170
Human Kinetics and Health Education


Human Kinetics Education <—> 170
Health Education <—> 170
Technological and Vocational Education


Electrical/Electronics Tech. Education <—> 170
Mechanical Technology Education <—> 170
Building Technology Education <—> 170
Wood Work Technology <—> 170
Agricultural Education <—> 170
Home Economics Education <—> 170

Faculty of Agriculture & Natural Res. Mgt. (FARM)

Agric. Economics, Mgt. and Extension <—> 170
Food Science and Technology <—> 170
Crop and Landscape Management <—> 170
Soil and Environmental Mgt. <—> 170
Animal Science <—> 170
Fishery and Aquaculture <—> 170

Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS)
Public Administration <—> 170 and above
Business Management <—> 170
Marketing <—> 170
Banking and Finance <—> 170
Accountancy <—> 180

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSSH)
Economics <—> 180
Mass Communication <—> 180
Political Science <—> 170
History and Int’l Relations <—> 170
Sociology and Anthropology <—> 170
Language and Linguistics <—> 170
Igbo Linguistics <—> 170
Philosophy <—> 170
Religion <—> 170
French <—> 170
Psychology <—> 170
English Language and Literature <—> 170.

So that’s all I have to say today concerning EBSU school fees, list of courses and cut off marks for various departments. As time goes we shall update this article to include EBSU admission guidelines and the reason why it is not here now is that we already know, No post UTME exam for EBSU aspirants.

As time goes on if any changes to this we shall update and inform our audience. You can also visit the new EBSU portal once you are given admission to create your own school profile.

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