Simple Ways To Acquire Dubai Visa As Well As Working In Dubai


Dubai Visa is very easy to get. Also, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the federation of seven countries that have risen to great economic centers. Similarly, Dubai is one of the fastest developing cities. In the same vein, it has grown into a complete country. Again, before oil was discovered in Dubai in 1950. They specialized majorly in fishing in order to earn a living. But after oil was discovered, their economy became transformed into one of the busiest business centers.

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Moreover, Dubai started exporting oil in 1962. This singular act has boosted their economy thereby making it the best place for tourists attraction and a place for vacation trips. In addition, Dubai has the most expensive structures, a conducive environment for conferences, and different kinds of meetings. Also, Dubai can boast of a huge number of immigrants that used to visit for various purposes.

However, Dubai Visa is not hard to get provided that you have the required documents and papers. In view of this, Nigerians can get Dubai Visa with ease without wasting time. It is because of this that more than thousands of Nigerians can enter Dubai at any moment in time. Consequently, it is because of this easiest way of getting their visa that makes Nigeria foster a strong tie with Dubai.

Dubai Visa

Different Kinds Of Dubai Visa For Nigerians

First & foremost, Transit Visa: This is a visa that is meant for people going for business meetings. In addition, it can also be used by people who are going for conferences as well as a convention in Dubai. Again, this visa takes up to a maximum of four days to be ready and it’s valid for 30 days. Also, you can use it for a period of at most 2 days

Secondly, Tourist visa: This kind of visa does not need any form of a sponsor. Also, it can last for only at most 31 days and remain valid for fifty-eight days after issuing. Similarly, You may be asked to present a leave letter from your employer before you can get this visa.

Thirdly, a Service visa: This visa is for those who have to do work in any part of the UAE. Sometimes, Dubai will require people with certain skills to work for them. Also, this is only possible with a service visa. Moreso, it can take up to 4 days to get it ready. Again, it is also valid for a period of 14 days. In some cases, you can enter Dubai with anybody you may wish.

Lastly, Visit visa: This visa is for people that are going to visit either their relatives, family members, or business associates. Most times, you might choose to pay a visit to some of your friends in Dubai. In that case, you have to get a visit visa since it is easy to afford. Most importantly, this visa can take at most 4 days to prepare and it lasts for a period of 3 months. More so, they may expect to present an invitation letter from the host showing the host address, resident permit, passport, etc. Again, this letter is necessary for you to immigrate to Dubai on a visit.

Major Criteria/Requirements For Dubai Visa

  • First & foremost, an international passport which should be valid for at least 6 months
  • Second, I Completed visa application form.
  • Third, duplicates of your recent ID card and Passport
  • Fourth, Certificate of medical fitness & health insurance
  • Fifth, evidence of financial status. Also, this is just a bank statement dated six months back. It must show that you are financially balanced for the period you are going to stay in Dubai.
  • Sixth, Copy of a confirmed itinerary. This is a statement showing all your traveling plans that is, date of arrival, departure date, flight details. This is to certify that you are coming for a visit.
  • Lastly, proof of residency. In all cases, they expect you to tell them where you will be residing for that moment. This is always mandatory because they don’t need intruders in their country. So, do well to show them evidence of temporal residents.
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