Download FUNAI Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for Free


Due to the increasing demand from candidates who made Alex Ekwueme federal university of Ebonyi State their choice of institution we have decided to share all the links to download FUNAI post UTME past questions and answers to all prospective students.

We all know that gaining admission into the federal university is always very competitive more than a state university. And for especially candidates with low JAMB scores, post utme screening tests boost their chances of getting admission into any university.

It is good news for any JAMB candidates if his/her choice of institution is writing a post UTME test. Because this coupled with her JAMB score gives him/her more opportunities for gaining admission.

So to prepare you well, Ebsustudents shall be providing you with a link to download the post UTME past questions and answers for FUNAI university. You can download Adobe PDF from your Pc or make use of your smartphone to view these PDF files.

Download FUNAI Post UTME Past Questions & Answers

I will make this very simple and easy for everyone to download the post UTME Past Questions. I saw a lot of people websites who charge money to give out the past questions to the candidate.

But on our platform, no payment is charged from any candidates to download any of our past questions.

All you need to do is make use of the download buttons below to get it on your device and then open the downloaded file which is always in a PDF format with a PDF software reader for PC and apk file here.

So proceed to download the corresponding past questions that suit your discipline.

Download FUNAI post UTME past questions for Art/commercial students

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:  Download for Art Students

Download FUNAI post UTME PQ for Science Students 

🙄 🙄  Download for Science

Things to Know About FUNAI Post UTME Exam 2019

These are the necessary things to know about FUNAI post UTME 2019 exam process flow in order to avoid stories that touches the heart on the exam day.

  • Candidates need to know that FUNAI post UTME examination normally lasts from 20-30 minutes depending on the number of questions given.
  • Most times post UTME examination questions are usually repeated in the following year the new students. So it is wise that everybody needs the past question to know what to expect on the exam day.
  • If you are coming from a far distance, it is necessary to come on time. You can come a day before the exam day for candidates coming from a far distance.
  • You can join the FUNAI aspirant group chats to enable get someone you can squat with if you don’t have money for a hotel room.
  • Don’t be late to the exam venue. I have mapped out a simple direction for anybody that hasn’t been to Ebonyi before to easily locate FUNAI university.
  • Remember that all questions carry equal marks. So any question you don’t know it is advisable you skip that and attend to the ones you know. You can come back later on and settle for it
  • Eat well before coming for the exam and bear in mind that it is a federal university and distance from school premises is always a bit far from the gate.
  • Don’t forget to come along with a sharpened HB pencil for shading
  • Of course, you should know also that no cell phone is allowed in the exam hall. So it is very wise you drop it at home to avoid stories that touch the heart.

So that’s it all, for now, about FUNAI post UTME candidates. If you need more updates sent to your phone then subscribe to our website to get the latest Ebsustudents updates.

Must Read Information About FUNAI Post UTME 2019

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