Common Mistakes Freshers Make in the University


Here you are now probably wanting to know the common mistakes freshers make in the university, and that is exactly what I am going to talk about here.

Having graduated from Ebonyi state university a couple of years back now, I have seen a lot of setbacks common among the year one student who just got admitted into the institution. And I will spare the time and discuss these setbacks most of our brothers and sisters face while on campus.

Irrespective of the university you find yourself in, it is necessary to know that no discipline is easy in the university. I do hear a lot of people those days gallivanting and playing out nonchalant attitudes that these sets of courses are easy. And I can prove you wrong not when you have performed very well that you will stand and support that notion.

To read and write to pass an examination in the higher institution are two different things. Whichever the less let’s hint out these common mistakes freshers make in the university, which can deter your academics and bring down your cumulative grade point average Which they call CPGA.

To break it down we can have some of these mistakes related to their religion and some due to ignorance of what they don’t know or feel they are unconfined. Pardon me for the ambiguous words which you will find here, as we go down the bottom of this article I will subject to break it down.

Common Mistakes Freshers Make in the University


ONE. Party After Party

A lot of students once they gain entrance to the university now see it as an avenue to play and party away their time. Since the university is a vast area where different kind of people comes together under one roof with the aim of the study. And most people see it as a platform of opportunity to play away their time and before you will know it you will see yourself choked up with a lot of carrying overs in our academics assessments. So to cut this short it is necessary that every fresher and as well as old students in the university to not forget their purpose of coming into the institution.

TWO. Church Activities

Religion in Africa now has gone versatile to the point whereby Africans tend to be more religious than the White men who brought religion to us. This is catastrophic especially in the institution today, that a lot of fellowships have tied down many and have destroyed the young girls all in the name of worshipping. I shouldn’t remind you that there is time for everything the way you live your life religiously shouldn’t impact your academics severely. To square things up it will be wise to have a routine standard of living for everyone who wishes to excel after the given period of time you have to study at the university.

THREE. Lateness

Not resuming on time is one of the major setbacks in the life of most year one students. It is necessary that any serious Person resume on time. These to enable her to know the workaround about the university which you find yourself in and help you start your registration on time. This will help you be in lectures on time as soon as lectures begin, Most lecturers take class attendance serious and it sums a core mark in your result score sheet. I shouldn’t remind you that missing classes in year one also will impact your performance in exam time.

Tell me how do you expect to pass when you don’t know what to write? Here there is no magic to boycott this because even the Pearson you are going to copy from you can’t guarantee if he or she knows what she is writing. To avoid the sad stories I advise you to know yourself and avoid any ugly characters that might impact your academic performance.

FOUR. Social Life

The kind of friends you keep in the university also plays an important role in your entire stay in the institution. I should tell you this, the way you dress determines the kind of friends that will be close to you. So you mustn’t look naked to look hurt or dye your hair to pink, gray or whatever weird coloring you can think of. It’s not a clubhouse so you owe yourself the responsibility to look smart and neat in the eye.

When you engage yourself with social life outside the university you will end up finding yourself to blame. Just in a matter of time, you will understand the level of the damages you have placed yourself into so it is very wise of you to keep off from cultism, drugs and womanizing as these three things have seldom become the most antagonizing obstacles freshers, students encounter while on campus. Even if you will do try to curtail it and hang around with friends who can create a positive impact on you.

Not only that, that can also help to guide you properly when you miss your ways.

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When I pointed out like I said above the common mistakes freshers make in the universities and how to avoid them, I am not only referring to new students but as well to every sole student in general to read, re-read and assimilate the subheadings. If it doesn’t help you today believe me it will tomorrow help and click on the share button. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to get the latest updates. Next will be on how to pass your exams few steps you can follow to achieve that.

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